What did I learn from San Francisco sculptor Bennie Bufano? A few important things:

    * Creativity has more to do with play than work.

    * Having a childhood so satisfying that one does not wish to let go of it is not a bad thing.

    * Once the creative process is unleashed, there is no telling where it might lead.

    * Believing animals are inside rock is not crazy if it leads to something beautiful.

    * Learning to love what you do is in part a result of being loved while you do it.

    * Creativity is a little crazy because it's not rational; it arises from deep feelings, not conscious thought.

    * Nurturing creativity is one of the best and most important thing parents can do for children. One's own    creativity is a well from which one can always draw something satisfying and comforting.
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  1. childrencreativity // 6/24/2010  

    nice article about children creativity,it helps a lot in how to guide our child's in their creativity stage. Thanks!