People who are identified as highly creative in an artistic or scientific field, who have gained notoriety or unusual success, are special. But they may be special not only because they translated their creative abilities into useful or significant products, but also because what they had to contribute was timely and the public was supportive. They found a way to express their creativity  that was salable or otherwise appealed to a large segment of the public. Such people often have qualities that-thought not creative in themselves-make creativity practical. They have mastered the technical skills of their calling as a result of training and practice. They are persistent and ambitious. They have the perseverance. They often have mentors or models from whom they learned important lessons. There are many factors influencing whether someone who is creative  will be successful.

    Nurturing your children's creativity, when combined with good parenting in other aspects of their development, will not insure that your children become prodigies like Michael Jackson, Rudolph Nureyev, Mozart or Meryl Streep, but it will help them gain satisfaction from whatever they do in life.
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  1. childrencreativity // 6/24/2010  

    nice article about children creativity,it helps a lot in how to guide our child's in their creativity stage. Thanks!