The thwarting of a natural inclination always seems to place normal development in jeopardy. This is true throughout the living world. Studies show that without adequate maternal bonding, young primates demonstrates severe developmental distortions as they grow. Tragic reminders of this principle have come from countries in Eastern Europe where orphaned and institutionalized children have shown the terribles effects of deprivation on normal development.

    Because of their highly adaptable brains, humans are more likely than other animals to overcome the effects of early deprivation. But when human children are not allowed to develop in certain natural ways, it can take many years and significant resources to fix the resulting problems.

     Creativity is a natural response of children to their environment, a way of interacting with the world around them. When children's creativity is impeded, so is the development of their self-esteem.

     Since creativity requires self-expression, anything parents or others do to impede it affects a child's basic sense of self. The child doubts his value and place the world and begins to restrict further self-expression in order to avoid criticism, punishment and the feelings of shame resulting from having one's self denied.

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